Monday, August 17, 2009

family reunion

These are a few pics from my family reunion back in July....
My brother and my dad were having some sort of I snapped pictures of them before they decided to go gang up on my cousins...

This is my niece- whom I shall call Miss Drama. For a 3.75 year old she is FULL OF IT........ and herself....

This is Morgan,Miss Drama and Amber on the paddle boat...the only place to hide from the boys....

Looks like this conversation didn't go as planned?!?! lol
Wilma Toni, Jackie ,Della, Donna
Thelma (gma) and Ron ( dad)
not in order of age..:)

This is my dads side of the family- Grandma and his 5 sisters and him. They are a really fun group....when they get together you never know whats going to happen.....

My Grandma is 92 .
Doesnt she look great.
She is awesome!
Just sayin".

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  1. I forgot they all have i will update....:)