Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So I am new to this post and I am so excited! I used to plan every meal and snack, and I got away from it for a bit, so today Im starting all over....any suggestions would be helpful...

This is sandwich week.... everything we eat will be in sandwich form, except Tuesday...
We try to do some kind of theme so the kids come up with good ideas- like a few years ago they created spaghetti sandwiches...YUM! leftover spaghetti is good anyway, but on a piece of buttered bread is even better.....and cheap!

Monday- bbq pulled beef, with sliced tomatoes and home made potato chips

Tues- Baked spaghetti , home made bread- ( sorta) green beans

Weds- teriyaki pork loin sandwiches, some kind of pasta salad, roasted peppers

Thurs- Pulled creamed chicken sandwiches, mashed potatos and corn

Fri= steak hoagies from pizza place...YUMMMM

Sat- free for all holiday food

Sunday- crock pot surprise....

I have a couple of crock pot recipes posted on my blog here Just look under crock pot in the labels........

Until next week........

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  1. I would love your recipe for the pulled cream chicken. It sounds like something we would like.