Thursday, April 30, 2009


my little blog is sooooo sad- i have but one follower and no clue how to generate more. i have lots to say- but when do i have time to tell everyone what im thinking- and will they care? sometimes i come across S-T-R-O-N-G-..but that is a strength i have - and am still learning- to harness...........i just want someone out there to read this and enjoy it! I want to tell about my day- i want to have the understanding of others in my predicaments- which chnage byt he second around here. and i want pictures of my pretty house on my blog because i have worked really hard to make it pretty and country and i love it......i want my kids to blog too- i think it is very therapeutic......and i want to wake up one day with a perfect hair day. agirl can dream- yes????

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  1. Agreed! =) Seriously, try to take part in Girls Night Out some Friday night, you will meet lots of wonderful, nice, caring people! And it is fun =) Stop by my page tomorrow for the link if you are around! Umm...ok, and thought this was really funny - my verification word is "gusno" hahahaha, you should get a kick outta that ;-)