Sunday, January 25, 2009

todya is the first day....LOL

Today could be the first day of the rest of your life....of course, that is more true that most of us care to admit. I have had a few of "those" days recently, and let me tell you, knowing this little bit of truth has helped me get through it all. My child has a very bad break in his arm, and I have been home with him for an entire week...getting domestic doesn't come so easy when your life has been so busy for so long that you have forgotten how! I hadn't realized how much "stuff" my husband and kids have to do, that I should be taking care of! Don't get me wrong- I know the kids have to learn responsibility , basic chores, and discipline. They are practically able to take care of most things without my help- which is a topoic for a whole other day! ANyway- being off for a week has given me perspective I desperately needed- and although I am a little afraid- (terrified) I am also grateful for God's presence in my time of lonesomeness and heartache. I have a terrific husband, and 4 fab kids- but I need God more than anyone else- I have a lot of changes I am going through, and they are all things I need to have God decide. My work situation has changed, and although it didnt have to, I have chosen to take the chance and work from a home office- crammed in my dining room. I am praying this works for me, because in my line of work it is a huge jump of faith. I guess when I go I go big- no leaping, just jumpping...LOL There are some who will never understand my choice, but I needed to do this for me and I am good with it.
I am hoping this gives me the chance to re-discover who I am and what my purpose here is.....I want to be the person God was leading me to be years ago when I started this adventure. I know JOhn is under some pressure because I have had such a roller-coaster ride for the last few weeks, but Im hoping to reclaim part of myself that will help him becom e who he wants to be as well..... I guess time will tell, and I in the meantime will pray. And of course you are all welcome to pray for me as well....I will appreciate it so much!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope working from home works out well for you, I will definitely be praying for you guys!